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Published: Jul 4, 2021 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 17 Imported by: 1




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func AddGroup

func AddGroup(ctx *gin.Context)

func AddItem

func AddItem(ctx *gin.Context)

func AddList

func AddList(context *gin.Context)

func AddPackage

func AddPackage(ctx *gin.Context)

func AddUser

func AddUser(ctx *gin.Context)

func DelList

func DelList(context *gin.Context)

func DeleteGroup

func DeleteGroup(ctx *gin.Context)

func DeleteItem

func DeleteItem(ctx *gin.Context)

func DeletePackage

func DeletePackage(ctx *gin.Context)

func DeleteUser

func DeleteUser(ctx *gin.Context)

func EditItem

func EditItem(ctx *gin.Context)

func EditPackage

func EditPackage(ctx *gin.Context)

func EditUser

func EditUser(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetArch

func GetArch(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetAvatar

func GetAvatar(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetFlagged

func GetFlagged(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetGroup

func GetGroup(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetItems

func GetItems(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetList

func GetList(context *gin.Context)

func GetMaintainer

func GetMaintainer(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetPackages

func GetPackages(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetRepo

func GetRepo(ctx *gin.Context)

func GetUser

func GetUser(ctx *gin.Context)

func Login

func Login(ctx *gin.Context)

func Logout

func Logout(ctx *gin.Context)

func PassList

func PassList(context *gin.Context)
func Search(ctx *gin.Context)

func Signup

func Signup(ctx *gin.Context)

func TextToSpeech

func TextToSpeech(ctx *gin.Context)

func UploadAvatar

func UploadAvatar(ctx *gin.Context)


type Item

type Item struct {
	Name     string `json:"name" form:"name" gorm:"type:varchar(100);unique" binding:"required"`
	Title    string `json:"title" form:"title" gorm:"type:varchar(100);unique" binding:"required"`
	Packages []Package

type List

type List struct {
	Region       string `form:"region" json:"region" binding:"required"`
	Email        string `form:"email" json:"email" binding:"required"`
	Qq           string `form:"qq" json:"qq" binding:"required"`
	Introduction string `form:"introduction" json:"introduction" binding:"required"`
	Suggest      string `form:"suggest" json:"suggest" binding:"required"`
	State        string

type Package

type Package struct {
	ItemID      uint   `json:"itemID" form:"itemID" binding:"required"`
	Name        string `json:"name" form:"name" binding:"required" gorm:"type:varchar(100);unique"`
	Description string `json:"description" form:"description"`

type User

type User struct {
	Username string `json:"username" form:"username" binding:"required"`
	Password string `json:"password" form:"password" binding:"required"`

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