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Deezgo is a music downloader that uses the deezer API to get the songs and metadata.



~ $ go get

And it will download and compile the program to $GOPATH/bin. Make sure to add this directory to your PATH or copy the binary to your PATH.


The in first time running the program, it will ask for your arl (how to get it and it will put it in a json, at "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME"/deezgo/config.json, with the default configuration, like this:

	"arl": "your arl here",
	"defaultpath": "."
Description of the configuration options
  • arl: your arl. (see above for an explanation)
  • defaultpath: the default dir for downloading albuns, tracks or artists.
    • another value could be "/home/user/Music", for example.


To download a track in the PWD, in the mp3 format use

~ $ deezgo get -f mp3

Or in flac

~ $ deezgo get -f flac

To use another directory

~ $ deezgo get -f mp3 -p ~/Music

The same idea can be used to download an entire album, or entire discography of an artist. But deezgo will make an directory when downloading an album, like this:

~ $ deezgo get -f mp3 -p /tmp/Music
~ $ ls /tmp/Music
'Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain (Remastered)'

To search for an album

~ $ deezgo search yellow submarine


~ $ deezgo search -a yellow submarine

To search for a track

~ $ deezgo search -t yellow

Or artist

~ $ deezgo search -A slowdive

The output will be a table separated list, made to look decent and easily parsable with awk(1). This one liner illustrates how it can be used in a script.

~ $ deezgo search -t yellow | fzf | awk '{print $NF}' | xargs -r deezgo get -p ~/Music


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