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This is a simple program to download all of your salary statements from "Agenda: Lohn- und Gehaltsdokumente".

To run it, you need to specify the parameters "-a" and "-o":

  • -a: Path to the authentication-file
    This is a JSON file with the following structure:

            "Email": "",
            "Password": ""
  • -o: Path to the directory, where all PDFs should be stored




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type Authentication

type Authentication struct {
	Email    string
	Password string

Authentication is used to login

type Document

type Document struct {
	Year         int    `json:"year"`
	Month        int    `json:"month"`
	Name         string `json:"name"`
	DownloadPath string `json:"downloadPath"`
	Type         string `json:"type"`
	Read         bool   `json:"read"`
	CreatedAt    int64  `json:"createdAt"`

Represents one salary statement

type DocumentResponse

type DocumentResponse []struct {
	ID            string      `json:"id"`
	Employee      string      `json:"employee"`
	Employer      string      `json:"employer"`
	ActivationKey interface{} `json:"activationKey"`
	DocumentList  []Document  `json:"documents"`

Contains general information about the employee & employer

type LGO

type LGO struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LGO represents the API of "Agenda: Lohn- und Gehaltsdokumente"

func NewLGO

func NewLGO(authFilePath, outDir string) *LGO

Instanciates a new LGO-instance

func (*LGO) FetchDocumentList

func (lgo *LGO) FetchDocumentList() ([]Document, error)

Fetches the list of all available documents

func (*LGO) Login

func (lgo *LGO) Login() error

Authenticates the user with "Agenda: LGO"

func (*LGO) SaveDocument

func (lgo *LGO) SaveDocument(document Document) error

Saves the document in the specified out-path

type URPResponse

type URPResponse struct {
	URP string `json:"urp"`

URPResponse The response from "Agenda LGO" which contains the session-token

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