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const (
	// ConnectionTimeout is the max inactivity time allowed before the connection
	// to the SFTP server is closed
	ConnectionTimeout = 5 * time.Minute
	// FilesBuffer is the number of files that can be in the buffered chan
	FilesBuffer = 100
	// ConcurrentOperations is the number of remote operations that can
	// happen concurrently
	ConcurrentOperations = 5


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var (
	RemoteRoot            string
	Host                  string
	Config                *ssh.ClientConfig
	ModifiedFiles         chan string
	DeletedFiles          chan string
	RemoteFileManagerExit chan bool
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var (
	Log *logrus.Logger
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var (
	WatchExit chan bool


func CloseClient

func CloseClient()

func Logger

func Logger() *logrus.Logger

func OpenClient

func OpenClient() (err error)

func RemoteFileManager

func RemoteFileManager()

RemoteFileManager manages files on the server. This function handles the deleting and uploading of files/directories

func SetVerbose

func SetVerbose(verbose bool)

func Watch

func Watch(path string)

Watch watches the given path for changes using fsnotify and will upload files as needed


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