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Published: Mar 1, 2016 License: MIT


nfsync - synchronize local files to a remote host

nfsync is a utility which watches the provided directory for changes and mirrors said changes to the remote server. Currently the following operations are supported:

  • Renaming (seen as a delete then create)
  • Creating directories
  • Creating files
  • Modifying files
  • Deleting files or directories

Some notes:

  • Modifying or deleting files outside of the provided remote root directory is strictly disallowed. This is to prevent damage to your system in case there's a bug in this application
  • Deleting the remote root directory is strictly disallowed for the same reason
  • There might be duplicate events which make an operation execute twice
  • There are probably bugs. At the time of writing there are 0 unit test


  • Go >= 1.5
  • Glide (recommended)
mkdir -p $GOPATH/
git clone
cd nfsync
glide install
go install

This is a little more painful than a normal Go application install, but that's because the vendor/ directory is not committed and glide doesn't offer an install command similar to go install which:

1.) Fetches the repo 2.) Fetches and installs dependencies 3.) Installs the application

IDGAF Just Install It
go get -u

This method doesn't ensure dependency versions match, but gets it done in less steps


Usage is fairly straightforward. To watch changes from the current working directory:

nfsync -i ~/.ssh/your_key.pem user@host:/root/directory

This is equivalent to:

nfsync -i ~/.ssh/your_key.pem . user@host:/root/directory


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