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Create DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graph) and run jobs


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type Dag

type Dag struct {
	ID         string
	Name       string
	Jobs       map[string]*Job
	Status     string
	CreatedTs  time.Time
	StartedTs  time.Time
	FinishedTs time.Time

Dag represents directed acyclic graph

func New

func New(name string, lggr *logrus.Entry, hooksLocal Hooks) *Dag

New creates new DAG

func (*Dag) CreateJob

func (dag *Dag) CreateJob(name string, task func() (map[string]string, error)) *Job

CreateJob adds a job to DAG

func (*Dag) GetJob

func (dag *Dag) GetJob(name string) Job

GetJob returns a job

func (*Dag) GetJobEdges

func (dag *Dag) GetJobEdges() []Edge

GetJobEdges returns a list of job names

func (*Dag) GetJobs

func (dag *Dag) GetJobs() []JobBasics

GetJobs returns a list of job names

func (*Dag) JobExists

func (dag *Dag) JobExists(name string) bool

JobExists tests if job exists

func (*Dag) Run

func (dag *Dag) Run()

Run starts the DAG main loop which controls the jobs

func (*Dag) ShowJobStatuses

func (dag *Dag) ShowJobStatuses()

type Edge

type Edge struct {
	From string `json:"from"`
	To   string `json:"to"`

type Hooks

type Hooks struct {
	DagCreated         func(dag *Dag)
	DagStarted         func(dag *Dag)
	DagFinishedSuccess func(dag *Dag)
	DagFinishedFailed  func(dag *Dag)
	JobCreated         func(job *Job)
	JobStarted         func(job *Job)
	JobFinishedSuccess func(job *Job)
	JobFinishedFailed  func(job *Job)

Hooks define what happens on certain events like DAG start or JOB finished with error

type Job

type Job struct {
	ID   string
	Name string

	DagID      string
	ParentJobs []*Job
	ChildJobs  []*Job
	Status     string
	CreatedTs  time.Time
	StartedTs  time.Time
	FinishedTs time.Time
	Data       map[string]string
	Responses  map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Job) AddData

func (job *Job) AddData(key string, value string)

AddData adds additional data to job

func (*Job) After

func (job *Job) After(parent *Job)

func (*Job) Then

func (parent *Job) Then(job *Job)

type JobBasics

type JobBasics struct {
	ID              string `json:"id"`
	Name            string `json:"name"`
	ParentJobsCount int    `json:"parentJobsCount"`

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