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Package ssdp implements an SSDP (=Simple Service Discovery Protocol) server



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type AssetID

type AssetID struct{ NT, USN string }

AssetID contains the NT and USN fields of devices and services

type DiscoveryData

type DiscoveryData struct {
	Location string
	AssIDs   []AssetID
	Server   string
	MaxAge   int

DiscoveryData contains the data from a device tree that is required for alive or byebye notifications

func (*DiscoveryData) String

func (me *DiscoveryData) String() (s string)

String returns a string representation of DiscoveryData

type SearchIndex

type SearchIndex map[string]([]*desc.Device)

SearchIndex maps keys like service and device types to the devices that implement these types

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server represents an SSDP server. Such a server is created per network interface. If multiple interfaces are available, one SSDP server is created per interface

func New

func New(data DiscoveryData, index SearchIndex, bootID func() *types.BootID, configID func() *types.ConfigID, inf net.Interface, port int) (srv *Server, err error)

New creates a new SSDP server

func (*Server) Connect

func (me *Server) Connect() (err error)

Connect connects the SSDP server (i.e. starts the notification and search response processes)

func (*Server) Disconnect

func (me *Server) Disconnect(wg *sync.WaitGroup)

Disconnect disconnect the SSDP server (i.e. stops the notification and search response processes)

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