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type Action

type Action struct {
	Steps []Steps // using UnmarshalYAML so that we don't need a custom type per action

func (Action) GetSteps

func (a Action) GetSteps() []builder.ExecutableStep

func (*Action) UnmarshalYAML

func (a *Action) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

UnmarshalYAML takes any yaml in this form ACTION: - cft: ... and puts the steps into the Action.Steps field

type Mixin

type Mixin struct {

func New

func New() (*Mixin, error)

New azure mixin client, initialized with useful defaults.

func (*Mixin) Build

func (m *Mixin) Build() error

Build will generate the necessary Dockerfile lines for an invocation image using this mixin

func (*Mixin) Execute

func (m *Mixin) Execute() error

func (*Mixin) GetSchema

func (m *Mixin) GetSchema() (string, error)

func (*Mixin) PrintSchema

func (m *Mixin) PrintSchema() error

func (*Mixin) PrintVersion

func (m *Mixin) PrintVersion(opts version.Options) error

type Output

type Output struct {
	Name string `yaml:"name"`

	// See
	// TODO: If your mixin doesn't support these output types, you can remove these and the interface assertions above, and from #/definitions/outputs in schema.json
	JsonPath string `yaml:"jsonPath,omitempty"`
	FilePath string `yaml:"path,omitempty"`
	Regex    string `yaml:"regex,omitempty"`

func (Output) GetFilePath

func (o Output) GetFilePath() string

func (Output) GetJsonPath

func (o Output) GetJsonPath() string

func (Output) GetName

func (o Output) GetName() string

func (Output) GetRegex

func (o Output) GetRegex() string

type Step

type Step struct {
	Name        string        `yaml:"name"`
	Description string        `yaml:"description"`
	Arguments   []string      `yaml:"arguments,omitempty"`
	Flags       builder.Flags `yaml:"flags,omitempty"`
	Outputs     []Output      `yaml:"outputs,omitempty"`

func (Step) GetArguments

func (s Step) GetArguments() []string

func (Step) GetCommand

func (s Step) GetCommand() string

func (Step) GetFlags

func (s Step) GetFlags() builder.Flags

func (Step) GetOutputs

func (s Step) GetOutputs() []builder.Output

type Steps

type Steps struct {
	Step `yaml:"cft"`

type TestMixin

type TestMixin struct {
	TestContext *context.TestContext

func NewTestMixin

func NewTestMixin(t *testing.T) *TestMixin

NewTestMixin initializes a mixin test client, with the output buffered, and an in-memory file system.

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