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RAM: 256 Mb (130 Mb is used by Argon)

Get started

.. code-block:: bash

   make all

Go to http://localhost:9090

Docker images

:code:`https://registry.gitlab.com/pashinin.com/api:master` - rebuilds on each commit

:code:`https://registry.gitlab.com/pashinin.com/api:stable` - rebuilds on tags and stable branch changes

DEV username/password to login

Username: :code:`admin@localhost`

Password: :code:`password`

Argon2 of "password": :code:`$argon2id$v=19$m=1024,t=3,p=1$MTIzNDU2YXNk$6zQXmU2m3HdqXF1iof7GP+vOS+ae5o/PVtxOi8aooJE`


Use :code:`./api -help` to see options.

Environment variables

Following environment variables must be set:

:code:`AUTH_SECRET` - used to sign JWT (on login). Empty by default. API
will not start if it is empty. Automatically set to "123" while in
development mode (in Makefile).




Each tree can send an receive messages (using NATS) which are then
passed through a websocket connection to the browser.

Messages path:

:code:`Endpoint -> NATS -> subscription (websocket.go) -> websocket`

Subscription to NATS channel (inside API) exists only within established
websocket connection.

Health checks

You can view Health checks under :code:`/healthcheck`. Code is written
in router.go.

code 200 - everything is ok

code 500 - not ok

What is checked:

#. captchaStorage (created and connected)
#. JDI health


   Prometheus metrics ix exported at :code:`/metrics`.



Provides an API server for my site


Path Synopsis
Usage: var s tree.PGStorage s.Conn = PG tree.Storage = &s
Usage: var s tree.PGStorage s.Conn = PG tree.Storage = &s
Uploading avatar from file.
Uploading avatar from file.

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