Desktop notifications to Gotify, Matrix or Webhook

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That tool will read your desktop notifications with DBus and send them to your gotify server or webhook url or HomeServer


NOTE: you don't need to set all arguments, use only required, eg: if you want to use gotify, set --gotify- prefixied args

$ desktop2gotify --help
Usage of desktop2gotify:
        Debug log
  --gotify-token string
        Gotify Application Token
  --gotify-url string
        Gotify API url (default "http://localhost")
  --ignore string
        List of apps to ignore, divided by comma, eg: chrome,firefox,slack
  --matrix-hs string homeserver (default "")
  --matrix-room string
        Matrix room id or alias, eg:
  --matrix-token string
        Matrix access token
  --matrix-user string
        Matrix user, eg:
  --webhook-url string
        Webhook API url


desktop2gotify --ignore chromium,hubstaff --gotify-url http://localhost --gotify-token Xz4KiNRROztPCOi


go install
desktop2gotify --help
curl --output desktop2gotify
chmod +x ./desktop2gotify
  1. Create file ~/.config/systemd/user/desktop2gotify.service (may be you need to create dirs too, varies by linux distro)
  2. Copy systemd.service content to that file
  3. Replace /path/to/desktop2gotify to the path of your desktop2gotify binary
  4. Replace PUT_YOUR_ARGUMENTS_HERE with your configuration (check desktop2gotify -h for all available options)
  5. Run systemctl --user daemon-reload; systemctl --user enable desktop2gotify; systemctl --user start desktop2gotify
  6. Check logs with journalctl --user -u desktop2gotify
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