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type Config

type Config struct {
	Server struct {
		Port     int
		Endpoint string
	Checker struct {
		Interval int
		Timeout  int
	URLMonitors []URLMonitorConfig
	Slack       SlackConfig
	Twilio      TwilioConfig

Config represents configuration set for the program to run

func CreateConfigurationFromFile

func CreateConfigurationFromFile(configFile string) (Config, error)

CreateConfigurationFromFile Returns a new configuration loaded from a file

type SlackConfig

type SlackConfig struct {
	Enabled    bool
	WebhookURL string
	Messages   SlackMessagesConfig

type SlackMessagesConfig

type SlackMessagesConfig struct {
	Healthy   string
	Unhealthy string

type TwilioConfig

type TwilioConfig struct {
	SMS TwilioSMSConfig

type TwilioSMSBodyConfig

type TwilioSMSBodyConfig struct {
	Healthy   string
	Unhealthy string

type TwilioSMSConfig

type TwilioSMSConfig struct {
	Enabled    bool
	AccountSID string
	AuthToken  string
	From       string
	To         []string
	Body       TwilioSMSBodyConfig
	Timeout    int

type URLMonitorConfig

type URLMonitorConfig struct {
	URL  string
	Name string

URLMonitorConfig represents each url monitor

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