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Pretty-much the simplest possible implementation of a paymail server.

Perfect for the self-hoster.

Why should you rely on third-parties to serve your decentralized address in a decentralized network?

If you consider this useful please send some satoshis to



go get

and you'll have the binary in ~/go/bin/paymail-server


Remember to set up a DNS SRV record as specified by

See config-example.toml for the configuration options.

Running it

Execute the server like so

paymail-server --config=/path/to/config.toml

or preferrably - use the provided system service and nginx config.

The service assumes that you copy the binary as follows

mkdir -p /var/lib/paymail
cp paymail-server /var/lib/paymail/

And the config in /etc

mkdir -p /etc/paymail
cp config.toml /etc/paymail/config.toml

Place the system service where it belongs and start it

cp paymail.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable --now paymail.service

You should now be able to curl the server to check that it works:

curl localhost:26245/.well-known/bsvalias

Make it publically available

You need to configure Nginx (or whatever you like) with a valid SSL-certificate and proxy requests to the local paymail-server. See paymail_nginx.conf for an example.

In case you already have a site running on the host you want to expose paymail on - just include the paymail_nginx.snippet in your existing config.


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