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var MigrationTableMigration = Migration{
	Name: "create_migration_table",
	Up:   []string{createMigrationTable},
	Down: []string{dropMigrationTable},

MigrationTableMigration set's up the needed migration table to track migrations This needs to be the first Migration added to your migrations list.


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type Migration

type Migration struct {
	Name string
	Up   []string
	Down []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Migration contains3 needed parts: Name: unique to the migration, identifies the migration in the database Up: Serie of SQL statements to run to apply the migration Down: Series of SQL statement to reverse the migration

type Migrations

type Migrations []Migration

Migrations holds the migrations in order

func GetMigrator

func GetMigrator() *Migrations

GetMigrator returns the migrator instance

func (*Migrations) Add

func (m *Migrations) Add(mig Migration) *Migrations

Add a migration to the queue

func (*Migrations) Down

func (m *Migrations) Down(db *postgres.Db) error

Down runs the 'down' migrations

func (*Migrations) Up

func (m *Migrations) Up(db *postgres.Db) error

Up runs the 'up' migrations

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