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var GroupGraphqlType graphql.Type

GroupGraphqlType defines the structure of the Group object Graphql Schema

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var ImageGraphqlType graphql.Type

ImageGraphqlType is the graphql schema for an image

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var ProfileGraphqlType graphql.Type

ProfileGraphqlType is the graphql schema for a Profile

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var RoleGraphqlType graphql.Type

RoleGraphqlType contains the graphql schema for a role

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var UserGraphqlType graphql.Type

UserGraphqlType Controls the Schema for Users


func AddUserMutation

func AddUserMutation() *graphql.Field

AddUserMutation is used to add a new user

func ExecuteQuery

func ExecuteQuery(query string, schema graphql.Schema) *graphql.Result

ExecuteQuery runs our graphql queries

func GroupQuery

func GroupQuery() *graphql.Field

GroupQuery finds groups with 3 different identifications: id: The ID of the group, as a UUID owner_id: The ID of the user that owns the group name: The actual name of the group

func ImageQuery

func ImageQuery() *graphql.Field

ImageQuery retrieves images based on multiple query types

func ImagesQuery

func ImagesQuery() *graphql.Field

ImagesQuery returns a list of images

func LoginQuery

func LoginQuery() *graphql.Field

LoginQuery defines the login query

func UpdateUserToken

func UpdateUserToken() *graphql.Field

UpdateUserToken updates a user token

func UserQuery

func UserQuery() *graphql.Field

UserQuery defines queries for users


type Root

type Root struct {
	Query    *graphql.Object
	Mutation *graphql.Object

Root schema for graphql server

func NewRoot

func NewRoot(db *postgres.Db) *Root

NewRoot creates a new root query for graphql

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