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Chief Alert Executor

Receives Prometheus Alerts, Matches them with rules, and then executes the configured scripts with the provided arguments

How does this work?

graph LR
subgraph Prometheus
  P[Prometheus] -->|Fire Alert| A[AlertManager]

subgraph "Chief Alert Executor"
  A --> |Push Alert| C[Chief Alert Executor]
  CN(Matchers Config<br/>1:1 Command+Args/Alert) --- C
  C --> |Match Alert| M((Matchers))
  style C fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px
  style CN fill:#ccf,stroke:#f66,stroke-width:2px,stroke-dasharray: 5, 5
subgraph Shell
  M --> |Execute Command| E(Fork+Exec)
  E -.-> Ssh
  E -.-> Curl
  E -.-> YouNameIt

Configuring Matchers

A sample configuration for a single alert matcher that would match the testing alert payload would look like this:

  - command: echo
    args: ['captured NonEphemeralHostIsDown for myhostname alert']
      alertname: ^NonEphemeralHostIsDown$
      hostname: ^myhostname$
      host_tier: ^myhostname$

Announcing to Slack

To announce to slack it's necessary to setup an environment variable named SLACK_URL containing an incomming webhook url, and at the very least a set of default templates in the top level of the configuration file to render the messages to slack

  on_match: 'Matched Alert: {{ .AlertGroup.CommonLabels.alertname }}'
  on_success: 'Success executing matcher {{ .Match.Name }}: {{ .Output }}'
  on_failure: 'Failure executing matcher {{ .Match.Name }}: {{ .Err }}'

Additionally, any matcher may contain a template definition with the same block defined inside the scope of the matcher. In this case, the specific matcher template will override the default templating configuration.

These templates are parsed and expanded using Go text/template package, so refer to the Go language documentation for further explanations.

If the environment variable is not present, a null messenger will be used which will log all the messages at debug level for debugging purposes.


-address string

Address to listen to (default ":9099")

-config string

Configuration filename (default "config.yml")


Enable debug mode

-metrics string

Path in which to listen for metrics (default "/metrics")



Endpoint to which the alertmanager should be configured to point at.


Endpoint that will return 200 when the service is healthy.


Post to this endpoint to reload configuration while the process is running.


By default prometheus metrics are published here.

AlertManager Sample Configuration

Start by defining a receiver which points at the webhook endpoint, skipping resolved alerts.

- name: chief-alert-executor
    - url: http://<chief alert executor-ip>:9099/webhook
      send_resolved: false

Then add it to the list of routes.

# We want to send all alerts to chief alert executor and then continue to the
# appropiate handler.
  - receiver: chief-alert-executor
    continue: true

Running in Kubernetes

Chief Alert Executor provides a sample configuration to run in kubernetes.


Common Labels and Annotations

Mind the fact that labels and annotations map to CommonLabels and CommonAnnotations.

This means that chief-alert-executor will trigger one command execution for a set of alerts that have been grouped by the alert manager.

This is by-design to keep the matching simple and predictable.

No capturing to prevent injections

No argument capturing is possible. Executed commands and arguments are a 1 to 1 mapping with a matching, without any form of variable arguments. Thus, it's not possible to link alert fields with arguments. This is specifically so to avoid injecting arguments through payloads.

No firing/resolved filtering

This tool can be used as an auto-remediation building block, but there's a caveat: the tool is dumb and will execute the configured script every time it receives an alert.

This means that you must be careful when setting up commands and alerts. Particularly how they are being grouped and how often they are triggered.

As a general recomendation, resolved alerts should not be sent as the tool is not filtering for firing/resolved alerts.


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