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Announces merges in GitHub and GitLab to a slack incoming webhook.

Propaganda, from the spanish meaning: advertisement

a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event.


Usage of ./propaganda:
  -address string
      listening address (default ":9092")
  -config string
      configuration file to use (default "propaganda.yml")
      enable debug logging
      enable github webhook handling
      enable gitlab webhook handling
  -match-pattern string
      match string regex (default "\\[announce\\]")
  -metrics string
      metrics path (default "/metrics")
      show version and exit
Required Environment Variables
  • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL slack webhook url used to post to slack
  • GITLAB_TOKEN token used to validate the payload sent from the gitlab instance, required when gitlab is enabled.
  • GITHUB_TOKEN token used to validate the payload signature sent from github, required when github is enabled.

Registering Webhooks


Be sure to pick application/json as content type, else all the webhooks will simply fail to be parsed.


No particularities, simply pick only Merge Request events to reduce noise.


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