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func NextNumber

func NextNumber(dir string) int

NextNumber doesn't trust the count of files


type ADR

type ADR struct {
	Title        string
	Number       int
	Authors      []string
	Created      time.Time
	Status       Status
	Impact       Impact
	Related      []int
	SupercededBy []int
	Supercedes   []int
	Text         string

func Load

func Load(filepath string) (*ADR, error)

Load an ADR from a filepath, or error out

func (ADR) Filename

func (a ADR) Filename() string

Filename is the filename for this adr, in the format ADR-1234. Its the 'asperational' or cannonical filename.

func (*ADR) RelatesTo

func (a *ADR) RelatesTo(n int)

RelatesTo Setup the relates to, without dups

func (*ADR) Supercede

func (a *ADR) Supercede(original *ADR)

Supercedes a prior ADR, will update both

func (ADR) UpdateFile

func (a ADR) UpdateFile(filedir string) error

type Impact

type Impact string
const (
	Unknown Impact = "Unknown"
	Low     Impact = "Low"
	Medium  Impact = "Medium"
	High    Impact = "High"

type Status

type Status string
const (
	Draft      Status = "DRAFT"
	Approved   Status = "Accepted"
	Superceded Status = "Superceded"

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