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type LinkTracker

type LinkTracker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LinkTracker records links being traversed to determine useful information in crafting responses for a peer. Specifically, if any in progress request has already sent a block for a given link, don't send it again. Second, keep track of whether links are missing blocks so you can determine at the end if a complete response has been transmitted.

func New

func New() *LinkTracker

New makes a new link tracker

func (*LinkTracker) BlockRefCount

func (lt *LinkTracker) BlockRefCount(link ld.Link) int

BlockRefCount returns the number of times a present block has been traversed by in progress requests

func (*LinkTracker) Empty

func (lt *LinkTracker) Empty() bool

Empty returns true if the link tracker is empty

func (*LinkTracker) FinishRequest

func (lt *LinkTracker) FinishRequest(requestID graphsync.RequestID) (hasAllBlocks bool)

FinishRequest records that we have completed the given request, and returns true if all links traversed had blocks present.

func (lt *LinkTracker) IsKnownMissingLink(requestID graphsync.RequestID, link ld.Link) bool

IsKnownMissingLink returns whether the given request recorded the given link as missing

func (*LinkTracker) RecordLinkTraversal

func (lt *LinkTracker) RecordLinkTraversal(requestID graphsync.RequestID, link ld.Link, hasBlock bool)

RecordLinkTraversal records that we traversed a link during a request, and whether we had the block when we did it.

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