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Package mockrouting provides a virtual routing server. To use it, create a virtual routing server and use the Client() method to get a routing client (Routing). The server quacks like a DHT but is really a local in-memory hash table.



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type Client

type Client interface {

Client implements Routing

type DelayConfig

type DelayConfig struct {
	// ValueVisibility is the time it takes for a value to be visible in the network
	// FIXME there _must_ be a better term for this
	ValueVisibility delay.D

	// Query is the time it takes to receive a response from a routing query
	Query delay.D

DelayConfig can be used to configured the fake delays of a mock server. Use with NewServerWithDelay().

type MockValidator

type MockValidator struct{}

MockValidator is a record validator that always returns success.

func (MockValidator) Select

func (MockValidator) Select(_ string, _ [][]byte) (int, error)

func (MockValidator) Validate

func (MockValidator) Validate(_ string, _ []byte) error

type Server

type Server interface {
	Client(p tnet.Identity) Client
	ClientWithDatastore(context.Context, tnet.Identity, ds.Datastore) Client

Server provides mockrouting Clients

func NewServer

func NewServer() Server

NewServer returns a mockrouting Server

func NewServerWithDelay

func NewServerWithDelay(conf DelayConfig) Server

NewServerWithDelay returns a mockrouting Server with a delay!

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