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func CreateComment

func CreateComment(c *gin.Context)

func CreateSession

func CreateSession(c *gin.Context)

func CreateTeam

func CreateTeam(c *gin.Context)

func CreateTicket

func CreateTicket(c *gin.Context)

func CreateUser

func CreateUser(c *gin.Context)

func DeleteSession

func DeleteSession(c *gin.Context)

func GetAllCommentsForTicket

func GetAllCommentsForTicket(c *gin.Context)

func GetAllPossibleStatuses

func GetAllPossibleStatuses(c *gin.Context)

func GetAllTickets

func GetAllTickets(c *gin.Context)

func GetOneOrAllTickets

func GetOneOrAllTickets(c *gin.Context)

func GetSingleTicket

func GetSingleTicket(c *gin.Context, id string)

func GetTeamByID

func GetTeamByID(c *gin.Context)

func GetTeamsByName

func GetTeamsByName(c *gin.Context)

func GetUserById

func GetUserById(c *gin.Context)

func GetUsers

func GetUsers(c *gin.Context)

func InitCommentRepo

func InitCommentRepo(repo models.CommentRepository)

func InitSessionRepo

func InitSessionRepo(repo models.SessionRepository)

func InitTeamRepo

func InitTeamRepo(repo models.TeamRepository)

func InitTicketRepo

func InitTicketRepo(repo models.TicketRepository)

func InitUserRepo

func InitUserRepo(repo models.UserRepository)

func RemoveTeamById

func RemoveTeamById(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateTeam

func UpdateTeam(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateTeamById

func UpdateTeamById(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateTicket

func UpdateTicket(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateUserById

func UpdateUserById(c *gin.Context)


type RouteHandler

type RouteHandler = func(*gin.Context)

Decorator to validate session before allowing access to certain routes

func ValidateSession

func ValidateSession(rh RouteHandler) RouteHandler

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