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func BoxMemberIDsKey

func BoxMemberIDsKey(boxID string) string

BoxMemberIDsKey ...

func DelOnFoundPattern

func DelOnFoundPattern(ctx context.Context, redConn *redis.Client, pattern string) error

DelOnFoundPattern retrieves all keys corresponding to the received pattern then remove the key/value pair from the redis store if some have been found

func DigestCountKeyAll

func DigestCountKeyAll() string

DigestCountKeyAll ...

func DigestCountKeyByMember

func DigestCountKeyByMember(memberID string) string

DigestCountKeyByMember ...

func DigestCountKeyByMemberBox

func DigestCountKeyByMemberBox(memberID, boxID string) string

DigestCountKeyByMemberBox ...

func EventCountKeyByMember

func EventCountKeyByMember(memberID string) string

EventCountKeyByMember ...

func EventCountKeyByMemberBox

func EventCountKeyByMemberBox(memberID, boxID string) string

EventCountKeyByMemberBox ...

func InvalidateFullBox

func InvalidateFullBox(ctx context.Context, redConn *redis.Client, boxID string, subjectID *string, memberIDs []string)

func InvalidateMembership

func InvalidateMembership(ctx context.Context, redConn *redis.Client, boxID, memberID string) error

invalidates all caches concerning membership

func InvalidateSubject

func InvalidateSubject(ctx context.Context, redConn *redis.Client, subjectID string)

invalidates all caches concerning subject

func MemberBoxIDsKey

func MemberBoxIDsKey(memberID, orgID, datatagID string) string

MemberBoxIDsKey ...

func SubjectBoxIDsKey

func SubjectBoxIDsKey(subjectID, orgID, datatagID string) string

SubjectBoxIDsKey ...


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