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func AddNeedle

func AddNeedle(n Needle)

AddNeedle to current list of needles - if not locked

func Explode

func Explode(bubble error) error

Explode iterates on all registered needles if the returned error is not nil, it means the needle found an error he could handle since we iterate with a simple loop on the needles, first appended needles are the first to be used

func Lock

func Lock()

Lock the possibility to add needles to the list should be used at the end of all needles instantiation


type EchoNeedle

type EchoNeedle struct {

EchoNeedle ...

func (EchoNeedle) Explode

func (n EchoNeedle) Explode(err error) error

Explode ...

type Needle

type Needle interface {
	// Explode is a function testing all known needles in the giving box
	// it takes in argument the error that bubbled up.
	Explode(err error) error

Needle is a component able to transform a given error into a better one. The analysis of the input error is up to the implementation, as the final returned error is. The implementation shall return nil if the input error is unknown.

type OzzoNeedle

type OzzoNeedle struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OzzoNeedle ...

func NewOzzoNeedle

func NewOzzoNeedle() OzzoNeedle

NewOzzoNeedle is the mandatory-to-use OzzoNeedle constructor it instantiates regexp required to ensure details keys are snake case formatted

func (OzzoNeedle) Explode

func (n OzzoNeedle) Explode(err error) error

Explode ...

type PSQLNeedle

type PSQLNeedle struct {

PSQLNeedle ...

func (PSQLNeedle) Explode

func (n PSQLNeedle) Explode(err error) error

Explode ...

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