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func ContainsString

func ContainsString(slice []string, elem string) bool

ContainsString returns true if the received element is found in the received slice

func FromMapValues

func FromMapValues(input map[string]string) []string

FromMapValues returns as a slice of strings all values found in the received maps

func FromStrCommaSeparatedList

func FromStrCommaSeparatedList(commaSepList *string, appendix *string) []string

FromStrCommaSeparatedList returns a list of string using the received string pointer and splitting it on non-nil using comma as separator appendix is a string that will be added to the final list if set

func MergeOnUnique

func MergeOnUnique(a []string, b []string) []string

func StrIntersect

func StrIntersect(a []string, b []string) []string

StrIntersect return the intersection of the two received slice of strings, based on the input a.

func StringToInterface

func StringToInterface(x []string) []interface{}

StringToInterface transform a slice of strings to a slice of interfaces It is particularly useful when building SQLBoiler WhereIn query because the function only takes slice of interfaces as argument


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