Path Synopsis
root-cp root-cp selects and copies keys from a ROOT file to another ROOT file.
root-diff root-diff compares the content of 2 ROOT files, including the content of their Trees (for all entries), if any.
root-dump root-dump dumps the content of a ROOT file, including the content of the Trees (for all entries), if any.
root-gen-datareader Command root-gen-datareader generates a Go struct to easily read the event data type stored inside a Tree.
root-gen-rfunc Command root-gen-rfunc generates a rfunc.Formula based on a function signature or an already existing function.
root-gen-streamer Command root-gen-streamer generates a StreamerInfo for ROOT and user types.
root-gen-type Command root-gen-type generates a Go type from the StreamerInfo contained in a ROOT file.
root-ls root-ls lists the content of a ROOT file.
root-merge root-merge merges ROOT files' content into a merged ROOT file.
root-print root-print prints ROOT files contents to PDF, PNG, ...
root-split root-split splits an input file+tree into multiple output ROOT files, each containing N entries.
root-srv root-srv runs a web server that can inspect and browse ROOT files.