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Published: Oct 12, 2023 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 10 Imported by: 0




Package slha implements encoding and decoding of SUSY Les Houches Accords (SLHA) data format.


$ go get


package main

import (


func handle(err error) {
	if err != nil {

func main() {
	fname := "testdata/sps1a.spc"
	if len(os.Args) > 1 {
		fname = os.Args[1]
	f, err := os.Open(fname)

	defer f.Close()

	data, err := slha.Decode(f)

	spinfo := data.Blocks.Get("SPINFO")
	value, err := spinfo.Get(1)
	fmt.Printf("spinfo: %s -- %q\n", value.Interface(), value.Comment())

	modsel := data.Blocks.Get("MODSEL")
	value, err = modsel.Get(1)
	fmt.Printf("modsel: %d -- %q\n", value.Interface(), value.Comment())

	mass := data.Blocks.Get("MASS")
	value, err = mass.Get(5)
	fmt.Printf("mass[pdgid=5]: %v -- %q\n", value.Interface(), value.Comment())

	nmix := data.Blocks.Get("NMIX")
	value, err = nmix.Get(1, 2)
	fmt.Printf("nmix[1,2] = %v -- %q\n", value.Interface(), value.Comment())

// Output:
// spinfo: SOFTSUSY -- "spectrum calculator"
// modsel: 1 -- "sugra"
// mass[pdgid=5]: 4.88991651 -- "b-quark pole mass calculated from mb(mb)_Msbar"
// nmix[1,2] = -0.0531103553 -- "N_12"


Documentation is available on godoc:



Package slha implements encoding and decoding of SUSY Les Houches Accords (SLHA) data format.



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func Encode

func Encode(w io.Writer, data *SLHA) error

Encode writes the SLHA informations to w.


type Block

type Block struct {
	Name    string
	Comment string
	Q       float64
	Data    DataArray

Block represents a block in a SLHA file.

func (*Block) Get

func (b *Block) Get(args (Value, error)

Get returns the Value at index args. Note that args are 1-based indices.

func (*Block) Set

func (b *Block) Set(v interface{}, args error

Set sets the Value at index args with v. Set creates a new empty Value if none exists at args. Note that args are 1-based indices.

type Blocks

type Blocks []Block

Blocks is a list of Blocks.

func (Blocks) Get

func (b Blocks) Get(name string) *Block

Get returns the block named name or nil.

func (Blocks) Keys

func (b Blocks) Keys() []string

Keys returns the names of the contained blocks.

type DataArray

type DataArray []DataItem

DataArray is an ordered list of DataItems.

func (DataArray) Get

func (d DataArray) Get(idx Index) (Value, bool)

Get returns the value at the n-dim index idx.

type DataItem

type DataItem struct {
	Index Index
	Value Value

DataItem is a pair of (Index,Value). Index is a n-dim index (1-based indices)

type Decay

type Decay struct {
	Br      float64 // Branching Ratio
	IDs     []int   // list of PDG IDs to which the decay occur
	Comment string  // comment attached to this decay line - if any

Decay is a decay line in an SLHA file.

type Decays

type Decays []Decay

Decays is a list of decays in a Decay block.

type Index

type Index struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Index is an n-dimensional index. Note that the indices are 1-based.

func NewIndex

func NewIndex(args Index

NewIndex creates a new n-dim index from args. Note that args are 1-based indices.

func (Index) Index

func (idx Index) Index() []int

Index returns the n-dim indices. Note that the indices are 1-based.

type Particle

type Particle struct {
	PdgID   int     // PDG-ID code
	Width   float64 // total width of that particle
	Mass    float64 // mass of that particle
	Comment string
	Decays  Decays

Particle is the representation of a single, specific particle, decay block from a SLHA file.

type Particles

type Particles []Particle

Particles is a block of particle's decays in an SLHA file.

func (Particles) Get

func (p Particles) Get(pdgid int) *Particle

Get returns the Particle with matching pdgid or nil.

func (Particles) Len

func (p Particles) Len() int

func (Particles) Less

func (p Particles) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Particles) Swap

func (p Particles) Swap(i, j int)

type SLHA

type SLHA struct {
	Blocks    Blocks
	Particles Particles

SLHA holds informations about a SUSY Les Houches Accords file.

func Decode

func Decode(r io.Reader) (*SLHA, error)

Decode reads SLHA informations from r and returns them as a *slha.SLHA.

type Value

type Value struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Value represents a value (string,int,float64) + comment in a SLHA line.

func (*Value) Comment

func (v *Value) Comment() string

Comment returns the comment string attached to this value

func (*Value) Float

func (v *Value) Float() float64

Float returns the value as a float64. Float panics if the underlying value isn't a float64.

func (*Value) Int

func (v *Value) Int() int64

Int returns the value as an int64. Int panics if the underlying value isn't an int64.

func (*Value) Interface

func (v *Value) Interface() interface{}

Interface returns the value as an interface{}.

func (*Value) Kind

func (v *Value) Kind() reflect.Kind

Kind returns the kind of the value (reflect.String, reflect.Float64, reflect.Int)


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