fads-app is a command that runs a simple ATLAS-like detector simulation, modelled after the C++ Delphes ATLAS data-card.


    $> fads-app -help
    Usage: fads-app [options] <hepmc-input-file>
     $ fads-app -l=INFO -evtmax=-1 ./testdata/
        	enable CPU profiling
      -evtmax int
        	number of events to process (default -1)
      -l string
        	log level (DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR) (default "INFO")
      -nprocs int
        	number of concurrent events to process (default -1)
      -o string
        	name of output events file (default "")
      -trace string
        	path to file where to store traces
    $> fads-app ./testdata/
    ::: fads-app...
    app                  INFO workers done: 1/4
    app                  INFO workers done: 2/4
    app                  INFO workers done: 3/4
    app                  INFO workers done: 4/4
    app                  INFO cpu: 340.092148ms
    app                  INFO mem: alloc:          17963 kB
    app                  INFO mem: tot-alloc:      35590 kB
    app                  INFO mem: n-mallocs:      55399
    app                  INFO mem: n-frees:        54777
    app                  INFO mem: gc-pauses:          2 ms
    ::: fads-app... [done] (time=343.533436ms)