Package krb5 contains the implementation of krb5 (Kerberos) security provider.



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    var Default auth.Auther

      Default is a Kerberos 5 client configured from cached credentials. If the credentials could not be correctly configured, Default will be nil.

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      var Type = [4]byte{'k', 'r', 'b', '5'}

        Type indicates that krb5 (Kerberos) authentication protocol is used.


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        type Auth

        type Auth struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Auth implements krb5 (Kerberos) security provider.

          func WithClient

          func WithClient(client *client.Client) *Auth

            WithClient creates a new Auth using the provided krb5 client.

            func WithCredCache

            func WithCredCache() (*Auth, error)

              WithCredCache creates a new Auth configured from cached credentials.

              func WithPassword

              func WithPassword(user, realm, password string) (*Auth, error)

                WithPassword creates a new Auth configured from the provided user, realm and password.

                func (*Auth) Provider

                func (*Auth) Provider() string

                  Provider implements auth.Auther

                  func (*Auth) Request

                  func (a *Auth) Request(params []string) (*auth.Request, error)

                    Request implements auth.Auther