Package magetask is deprecated and should not be used.



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    func Build

    func Build() error

      Build builds the project for the current machine.

      func BuildDarwin

      func BuildDarwin() error

        BuildDarwin builds the project for macOS.

        func BuildFor

        func BuildFor(platform string, buildFunc func() error) error

          BuildFor builds a a cli for the given platform.

          func BuildLinux

          func BuildLinux() error

            BuildLinux builds the project for Linux.

            func BuildWindows

            func BuildWindows() error

              BuildWindows builds the project for Windows.

              func Container

              func Container() error

                Container creates the docker container.

                func GetSemver

                func GetSemver() (sver string, err error)

                  GetSemver gets the semantic version of the repository

                  func Lint

                  func Lint() error

                    Lint runs the linters.

                    func Package

                    func Package() error

                      Package packages the project for docker build.

                      func PackageCACerts

                      func PackageCACerts() error

                        PackageCACerts retrieves the package the CA for docker.

                        func PackageFrom

                        func PackageFrom(path string) error

                          PackageFrom packages the given binary for docker build

                          func SetProjectName

                          func SetProjectName(name string)

                            SetProjectName sets the name of the project.

                            func Test

                            func Test() error

                              Test runs unit tests.

                              func TestWith

                              func TestWith(race bool, cover bool) error

                                TestWith runs unit tests without race.

                                func WriteVersion

                                func WriteVersion() error

                                  WriteVersion creates the version file if needed.

                                  func WriteVersionIn

                                  func WriteVersionIn(out string) (err error)

                                    WriteVersionIn creates the version file if needed in the given folder.


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