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func Enabled

func Enabled() bool

    Enabled checks if remod is enabled.

    func Extract

    func Extract(data []byte, prefixes []string, excluded []string) ([]string, error)

      Extract extracts the required modules with the given prefixes

      func GitAdd

      func GitAdd() error

        GitAdd adds the go mod

        func GitConfig

        func GitConfig() error

          GitConfig installs the needed git config

          func GitFilterClean

          func GitFilterClean(input io.Reader, output io.Writer) error

            GitFilterClean is used by git filter.

            func GitFilterSmudge

            func GitFilterSmudge(input io.Reader, output io.Writer) error

              GitFilterSmudge is used by git filter.

              func GitInit

              func GitInit() error

                GitInit initializes the .gitattribute file.

                func GitRemoveConfig

                func GitRemoveConfig() error

                  GitRemoveConfig removes the remod git config

                  func Initialized

                  func Initialized() bool

                    Initialized checks if remod is initialized.

                    func Install

                    func Install(prefix string, version string, included []string, excluded []string) error

                      Install installs go mod in the current repo.

                      func Off

                      func Off() error

                        Off disables remod

                        func On

                        func On() error

                          On enables remod

                          func Uninstall

                          func Uninstall() error

                            Uninstall uninstalls go mod from the current repo.

                            func Update

                            func Update(modules []string, version string) error

                              Update will run a go get on the given modules at the given version


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