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Published: Nov 1, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	//IPv6DefaultIP is the default ip of v6
	IPv6DefaultIP = "::/0"
	//IPv4DefaultIP is the  default ip for v4
	IPv4DefaultIP = ""
	//IPsetV4 version for ipv4
	IPsetV4 = iota
	//IPsetV6 version for ipv6

type ACLManager

type ACLManager interface {
	AddToIPset(set provider.Ipset, data string) error
	DelFromIPset(set provider.Ipset, data string) error

	RegisterExternalNets(contextID string, extnets policy.IPRuleList) error
	RemoveExternalNets(contextID string)
	GetIPsets(extnets policy.IPRuleList, ipver int) []string
	UpdateIPsets([]string, string)

ACLManager interface is used by supervisor. This interface provides the supervisor to create ipsets corresponding to service ID.

func CreateIPsetManager

func CreateIPsetManager(ipsetv4 provider.IpsetProvider, ipsetv6 provider.IpsetProvider) ACLManager

CreateIPsetManager creates the handle with Interface ACLManager

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