Package cgnetcls implements functionality to manage classid for processes belonging to different cgroups



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    const (
    	// TriremeBasePath is the base path of the Trireme tree in cgroups
    	TriremeBasePath = "trireme"
    	// CgroupNameTag is the tag for the cgroup name
    	CgroupNameTag = "@cgroup_name"
    	// CgroupMarkTag is the tag for the cgroup mark
    	CgroupMarkTag = "@cgroup_mark"
    	// PortTag is the tag for a port
    	PortTag = "@usr:port"
    	//Initialmarkval is the start of mark values we assign to cgroup
    	Initialmarkval = 100


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    func CgroupMemberCount

    func CgroupMemberCount(cgroupName string) int

      CgroupMemberCount -- Returns the cound of the number of processes in a cgroup

      func GetAssignedMarkVal

      func GetAssignedMarkVal(cgroupName string) string

        GetAssignedMarkVal -- returns the mark val assigned to the group

        func GetCgroupList

        func GetCgroupList() []string

          GetCgroupList geta list of all cgroup names

          func ListCgroupProcesses

          func ListCgroupProcesses(cgroupname string) ([]string, error)

            ListCgroupProcesses returns lists of processes in the cgroup

            func MarkVal

            func MarkVal() uint64

              MarkVal returns a new Mark Value


              type Cgroupnetcls

              type Cgroupnetcls interface {
              	Creategroup(cgroupname string) error
              	AssignMark(cgroupname string, mark uint64) error
              	AddProcess(cgroupname string, pid int) error
              	RemoveProcess(cgroupname string, pid int) error
              	DeleteCgroup(cgroupname string) error
              	Deletebasepath(contextID string) bool

                Cgroupnetcls interface exposing methods that can be called from outside to manage net_cls cgroups

                func NewCgroupNetController

                func NewCgroupNetController(releasePath string) Cgroupnetcls

                  NewCgroupNetController returns a handle to call functions on the cgroup net_cls controller

                  func NewDockerCgroupNetController

                  func NewDockerCgroupNetController() Cgroupnetcls

                    NewDockerCgroupNetController returns a handle to call functions on the cgroup net_cls controller


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