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type ACLCache

type ACLCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    ACLCache holds all the ACLS in an internal DB map[prefixes][subnets] -> list of ports with their actions

    func NewACLCache

    func NewACLCache() *ACLCache

      NewACLCache creates a new ACL cache

      func (*ACLCache) AddRule

      func (c *ACLCache) AddRule(rule policy.IPRule) (err error)

        AddRule adds a single rule to the ACL Cache

        func (*ACLCache) AddRuleList

        func (c *ACLCache) AddRuleList(rules policy.IPRuleList) (err error)

          AddRuleList adds a list of rules to the cache

          func (*ACLCache) GetMatchingAction

          func (c *ACLCache) GetMatchingAction(ip []byte, port uint16) (*policy.FlowPolicy, error)

            GetMatchingAction gets the matching action

            type PortAction

            type PortAction struct {
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              PortAction captures the minimum and maximum ports for an action

              type PortActionList

              type PortActionList []*PortAction

                PortActionList is a list of Port Actions

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