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func DockerCNIMetadataExtractor

func DockerCNIMetadataExtractor(event *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) (*policy.PURuntime, error)

DockerCNIMetadataExtractor is a systemd based metadata extractor

func KubernetesCNIMetadataExtractor

func KubernetesCNIMetadataExtractor(event *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) (*policy.PURuntime, error)

KubernetesCNIMetadataExtractor is a systemd based metadata extractor


type CNIMetadataExtractor

type CNIMetadataExtractor func(event *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) (*policy.PURuntime, error)

A CNIMetadataExtractor is a function used to extract a *policy.PURuntime from an event generated by CNI

type CniProcessor

type CniProcessor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CniProcessor captures all the monitor processor information It implements the MonitorProcessor interface of the rpc monitor

func NewCniProcessor

func NewCniProcessor(collector collector.EventCollector, puHandler monitor.ProcessingUnitsHandler, metadataExtractor rpcmonitor.RPCMetadataExtractor) *CniProcessor

NewCniProcessor initializes a processor

func (*CniProcessor) Create

func (p *CniProcessor) Create(eventInfo *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

Create handles create events

func (*CniProcessor) Destroy

func (p *CniProcessor) Destroy(eventInfo *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

Destroy handles a destroy event

func (*CniProcessor) Pause

func (p *CniProcessor) Pause(eventInfo *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

Pause handles a pause event

func (*CniProcessor) ReSync

func (p *CniProcessor) ReSync(e *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

ReSync resyncs with all the existing services that were there before we start

func (*CniProcessor) Start

func (p *CniProcessor) Start(eventInfo *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

Start handles start events

func (*CniProcessor) Stop

func (p *CniProcessor) Stop(eventInfo *rpcmonitor.EventInfo) error

Stop handles a stop event