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func NewDockerMonitor

func NewDockerMonitor(
	socketType string,
	socketAddress string,
	p monitor.ProcessingUnitsHandler,
	m DockerMetadataExtractor,
	l collector.EventCollector,
	syncAtStart bool,
	s monitor.SynchronizationHandler,
	killContainerOnPolicyError bool,
) monitor.Monitor

    NewDockerMonitor returns a pointer to a DockerMonitor initialized with the given socketType ('tcp' or 'unix') and socketAddress (a port for 'tcp' or a socket file for 'unix').

    After creating a new DockerMonitor, call addHandler to install one or more callback handlers for the events to monitor. Then call Start.


    type DockerEvent

    type DockerEvent string

      DockerEvent is the type of various docker events.

      const (
      	// DockerEventCreate represents the Docker "create" event.
      	DockerEventCreate DockerEvent = "create"
      	// DockerEventStart represents the Docker "start" event.
      	DockerEventStart DockerEvent = "start"
      	// DockerEventDie represents the Docker "die" event.
      	DockerEventDie DockerEvent = "die"
      	// DockerEventDestroy represents the Docker "destroy" event.
      	DockerEventDestroy DockerEvent = "destroy"
      	// DockerEventPause represents the Docker "destroy" event.
      	DockerEventPause DockerEvent = "pause"
      	// DockerEventUnpause represents the Docker "destroy" event.
      	DockerEventUnpause DockerEvent = "unpause"
      	// DockerEventConnect represents the Docker "connect" event.
      	DockerEventConnect DockerEvent = "connect"
      	// DockerClientVersion is the version sent out as the client
      	DockerClientVersion = "v1.23"
      	// DockerHostMode is the string of the network mode that indicates a host namespace
      	DockerHostMode = "host"

      type DockerEventHandler

      type DockerEventHandler func(event *events.Message) error

        A DockerEventHandler is type of docker event handler functions.

        type DockerMetadataExtractor

        type DockerMetadataExtractor func(*types.ContainerJSON) (*policy.PURuntime, error)

          A DockerMetadataExtractor is a function used to extract a *policy.PURuntime from a given docker ContainerJSON.

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