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Package processmon is to manage and monitor remote enforcers. When we access the processmanager interface through here it acts as a singleton The ProcessMonitor interface is not a singleton and can be used to monitor a list of processes



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var ErrBinaryNotFound = errors.New("Enforcer Binary not found")

ErrBinaryNotFound Exported

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var ErrEnforcerAlreadyRunning = errors.New("Enforcer already running in this context")

ErrEnforcerAlreadyRunning Exported

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var ErrFailedtoLaunch = errors.New("Failed to launch enforcer")

ErrFailedtoLaunch Exported

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var ErrProcessDoesNotExists = errors.New("Process in that context does not exist")

ErrProcessDoesNotExists Exported

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var ErrSymLinkFailed = errors.New("Failed to create symlink for use by ip netns")

ErrSymLinkFailed Exported

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var (
	// GlobalCommandArgs are command args received while invoking this command
	GlobalCommandArgs map[string]interface{}


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type ExitStatus

type ExitStatus struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ExitStatus captures the exit status of a process The contextID is optional and is primarily used by remote enforcer processes and represents the namespace in which the process was running

type ProcessManager

type ProcessManager interface {
	GetExitStatus(contextID string) bool
	SetExitStatus(contextID string, status bool) error
	KillProcess(contextID string)
	LaunchProcess(contextID string, refPid int, refNsPath string, rpchdl rpcwrapper.RPCClient, arg string, statssecret string, procMountPoint string) error
	SetnsNetPath(netpath string)

ProcessManager interface exposes methods required by a processmonitor

func GetProcessManagerHdl

func GetProcessManagerHdl() ProcessManager

GetProcessManagerHdl will ensure that we return an existing handle if one has been created. or return a new one if there is none This needs locks

func NewTestProcessMon

func NewTestProcessMon() ProcessManager

NewTestProcessMon creates a mock process manager

type ProcessMon

type ProcessMon struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProcessMon exported

func (*ProcessMon) GetExitStatus

func (p *ProcessMon) GetExitStatus(contextID string) bool

GetExitStatus reports if the process is marked for deletion or deleted

func (*ProcessMon) KillProcess

func (p *ProcessMon) KillProcess(contextID string)

KillProcess sends a rpc to the process to exit failing which it will kill the process

func (*ProcessMon) LaunchProcess

func (p *ProcessMon) LaunchProcess(contextID string, refPid int, refNSPath string, rpchdl rpcwrapper.RPCClient, arg string, statsServerSecret string, procMountPoint string) error

LaunchProcess prepares the environment for the new process and launches the process

func (*ProcessMon) SetExitStatus

func (p *ProcessMon) SetExitStatus(contextID string, status bool) error

SetExitStatus marks the process for deletion

func (*ProcessMon) SetnsNetPath

func (p *ProcessMon) SetnsNetPath(netpath string)

SetnsNetPath -- only planned consumer is unit test Call this function if you expect network namespace links to be created in a separate path

type TestProcessManager

type TestProcessManager interface {
	MockGetExitStatus(t *testing.T, impl func(string) bool)
	MockKillProcess(t *testing.T, impl func(string))
	MockLaunchProcess(t *testing.T, impl func(string, int, string, rpcwrapper.RPCClient, string, string, string) error)
	MockSetExitStatus(t *testing.T, impl func(string, bool) error)
	MockSetnsNetPath(t *testing.T, impl func(string))

TestProcessManager is a mock process manager

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