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type Instance

type Instance struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Instance is the structure holding all information about a implementation

    func NewInstance

    func NewInstance(fqc *fqconfig.FilterQueue, remote bool, mode constants.ModeType) (*Instance, error)

      NewInstance creates a new iptables controller instance

      func (*Instance) AddExcludedIP

      func (i *Instance) AddExcludedIP(ipList []string) error

        AddExcludedIP implements the interface

        func (*Instance) ConfigureRules

        func (i *Instance) ConfigureRules(version int, contextID string, containerInfo *policy.PUInfo) error

          ConfigureRules implmenets the ConfigureRules interface

          func (*Instance) DeleteRules

          func (i *Instance) DeleteRules(version int, contextID string, ipAddresses policy.ExtendedMap, port string, mark string, uid string) error

            DeleteRules implements the DeleteRules interface

            func (*Instance) RemoveExcludedIP

            func (i *Instance) RemoveExcludedIP(ipList []string) error

              RemoveExcludedIP implements the interface

              func (*Instance) SetTargetNetworks

              func (i *Instance) SetTargetNetworks(current, networks []string) error

                SetTargetNetworks sets the target networks

                func (*Instance) Start

                func (i *Instance) Start() error

                  Start implements the start of the interface

                  func (*Instance) Stop

                  func (i *Instance) Stop() error

                    Stop implements the stop interface

                    func (*Instance) UpdateRules

                    func (i *Instance) UpdateRules(version int, contextID string, containerInfo *policy.PUInfo) error

                      UpdateRules implements the update part of the interface