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func CreateAndSign

func CreateAndSign(server string, profile, scopes []string, id string, validity time.Duration, gkey interface{}) (string, error)

    CreateAndSign creates a new JWT token based on the Aporeto identities.


    type JWTClaims

    type JWTClaims struct {
    	Scopes  []string
    	Profile []string
    	Data    map[string]string

      JWTClaims is the structure of the claims we are sending on the wire.

      type Verifier

      type Verifier struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Verifier keeps all the structures for processing tokens.

        func NewVerifier

        func NewVerifier(s secrets.Secrets, globalCertificate *x509.Certificate) *Verifier

          NewVerifier creates a new Aporeto JWT Verifier. The globalCertificate is optional and is needed for configurations that do not transmit the token over the wire.

          func (*Verifier) ParseToken

          func (p *Verifier) ParseToken(token string, publicKey string) (string, []string, []string, error)

            ParseToken parses and validates the JWT token, give the publicKey. It returns the scopes the identity and the subject of the provided token. These tokens are strictly signed with EC. TODO: We can be more flexible with the algorithm selection here.

            func (*Verifier) UpdateSecrets

            func (p *Verifier) UpdateSecrets(s secrets.Secrets, globalCert *x509.Certificate)

              UpdateSecrets updates the secrets of the token Verifier.