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Published: Jul 8, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func ValidateOriginProcess

func ValidateOriginProcess(pid string) (string, error)

ValidateOriginProcess implements a strict validation of the origin process. We might add later.

type GenericSecretsDriver

type GenericSecretsDriver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GenericSecretsDriver holds the configuration information for the driver and implements the SecretsDriver interface.

func (*GenericSecretsDriver) Transform

func (k *GenericSecretsDriver) Transform(r *http.Request) error

Transform transforms the request of the SecretsDriver

func (*GenericSecretsDriver) Transport

func (k *GenericSecretsDriver) Transport() http.RoundTripper

Transport implements the transport interface of the SecretsDriver.

type SecretsDriver

type SecretsDriver interface {
	Transport() http.RoundTripper
	Transform(r *http.Request) error

SecretsDriver is a generic interface that the secrets driver must implement.

func NewGenericSecretsDriver

func NewGenericSecretsDriver(ca []byte, token string, network *common.Service) (SecretsDriver, error)

NewGenericSecretsDriver creates a new Kubernetes Secrets Driver. It always uses the incluster config to automatically derive all the necessary values.

type SecretsProxy

type SecretsProxy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SecretsProxy holds all state information for applying policy in the secrets socket API.

func NewSecretsProxy

func NewSecretsProxy() *SecretsProxy

NewSecretsProxy creates a new secrets proxy.

func (*SecretsProxy) Enforce

func (s *SecretsProxy) Enforce(puInfo *policy.PUInfo) error

Enforce implements the corresponding interface of enforcers.

func (*SecretsProxy) GetFilterQueue

func (s *SecretsProxy) GetFilterQueue() *fqconfig.FilterQueue

GetFilterQueue is a stub for TCP proxy

func (*SecretsProxy) Run

func (s *SecretsProxy) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run implements the run method of the CtrlInterface. It starts the proxy server and initializes the data structures.

func (*SecretsProxy) Unenforce

func (s *SecretsProxy) Unenforce(contextID string) error

Unenforce implements the corresponding interface of the enforcers.

func (*SecretsProxy) UpdateSecrets

func (s *SecretsProxy) UpdateSecrets(secret secrets.Secrets) error

UpdateSecrets updates the secrets of running enforcers managed by trireme. Remote enforcers will get the secret updates with the next policy push.

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