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func MakeRuleSpecText

func MakeRuleSpecText(winRuleSpec *WindowsRuleSpec, validate bool) (string, error)

MakeRuleSpecText converts a WindowsRuleSpec back into a string for an iptables rule

func WideCharPointerToString

func WideCharPointerToString(pszWide *uint16) string

WideCharPointerToString converts a pointer to a zero-terminated wide character string to a golang string

type WindowsRuleMatchSet

type WindowsRuleMatchSet struct {
	MatchSetName    string
	MatchSetNegate  bool
	MatchSetDstIP   bool
	MatchSetDstPort bool
	MatchSetSrcIP   bool
	MatchSetSrcPort bool

WindowsRuleMatchSet represents result of parsed --match-set

func (*WindowsRuleMatchSet) Equal

func (w *WindowsRuleMatchSet) Equal(other *WindowsRuleMatchSet) bool

Equal compares a WindowsRuleMatchSet to another for equality

type WindowsRulePortRange

type WindowsRulePortRange struct {
	PortStart int
	PortEnd   int

WindowsRulePortRange represents parsed port range

func ParsePortString

func ParsePortString(portString string) ([]*WindowsRulePortRange, error)

ParsePortString parses comma-separated list of port or port ranges

func (*WindowsRulePortRange) Equal

func (w *WindowsRulePortRange) Equal(other *WindowsRulePortRange) bool

Equal compares a WindowsRulePortRange to another for equality

type WindowsRuleSpec

type WindowsRuleSpec struct {
	Protocol         int
	Action           int // FilterAction (allow, drop, nfq, proxy)
	ProxyPort        int
	Mark             int
	Log              bool
	LogPrefix        string
	GroupID          int
	MatchSrcPort     []*WindowsRulePortRange
	MatchDstPort     []*WindowsRulePortRange
	MatchBytes       []byte
	MatchBytesOffset int
	MatchSet         []*WindowsRuleMatchSet

WindowsRuleSpec represents result of parsed iptables rule

func ParseRuleSpec

func ParseRuleSpec(rulespec ...string) (*WindowsRuleSpec, error)

ParseRuleSpec parses a windows iptable rule

func (*WindowsRuleSpec) Equal

func (w *WindowsRuleSpec) Equal(other *WindowsRuleSpec) bool

Equal compares a WindowsRuleSpec to another for equality

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