Package cgnetcls implements functionality to manage classid for processes belonging to different cgroups



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    const (
    	// TriremeBasePath is the base path for the trireme local state in the file system
    	TriremeBasePath = "trireme"
    	// CgroupNameTag  identifies the cgroup name
    	CgroupNameTag = "@cgroup_name"
    	// CgroupMarkTag identifies the cgroup mark value
    	CgroupMarkTag = "@cgroup_mark"
    	// PortTag is the tag for the port values
    	PortTag = "port"
    	//Initialmarkval is the start of mark values we assign to cgroup
    	Initialmarkval = 100


    This section is empty.


    func CgroupMemberCount

    func CgroupMemberCount(cgroupName string) int

      CgroupMemberCount -- Returns the cound of the number of processes in a cgroup

      func GetAssignedMarkVal

      func GetAssignedMarkVal(cgroupName string) string

        GetAssignedMarkVal -- returns the mark val assigned to the group

        func GetCgroupList

        func GetCgroupList() []string

          GetCgroupList geta list of all cgroup names

          func MarkVal

          func MarkVal() uint64

            MarkVal returns a new Mark Value


            type Cgroupnetcls

            type Cgroupnetcls interface {
            	Creategroup(cgroupname string) error
            	AssignMark(cgroupname string, mark uint64) error
            	AddProcess(cgroupname string, pid int) error
            	RemoveProcess(cgroupname string, pid int) error
            	DeleteCgroup(cgroupname string) error
            	Deletebasepath(contextID string) bool
            	ListCgroupProcesses(cgroupname string) ([]string, error)
            	ListAllCgroups(path string) []string

              Cgroupnetcls interface exposing methods that can be called from outside to manage net_cls cgroups

              func NewCgroupNetController

              func NewCgroupNetController(triremepath string, releasePath string) Cgroupnetcls

                NewCgroupNetController returns a handle to call functions on the cgroup net_cls controller

                func NewDockerCgroupNetController

                func NewDockerCgroupNetController() Cgroupnetcls

                  NewDockerCgroupNetController returns a handle to call functions on the cgroup net_cls controller


                  Path Synopsis
                  Package mockcgnetcls is a generated GoMock package.
                  Package mockcgnetcls is a generated GoMock package.