Package checks implements gobenchdata checks and checks configuration



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    func GenerateConfig

    func GenerateConfig(path string) error

      GenerateConfig outputs configuration in the provided directory


      type Check

      type Check struct {
      	Name        string `yaml:"name"`
      	Description string `yaml:"description"`
      	// regex matchers
      	Package    string   `yaml:"package"`
      	Benchmarks []string `yaml:"benchmarks"`
      	// Diff functions are written as `antonmedv/expr` expressions:
      	// Two parameters are provided:
      	// * `base`: bench.Benchmark
      	// * `current`: bench.Benchmark
      	// Return a flaot64-castable value. This is then checked against your defined Thresholds
      	// In general, calibrate your diff to return:
      	// * negative value for improvement
      	// * positive value for regression
      	DiffFunc   string     `yaml:"diff"`
      	Thresholds Thresholds `yaml:"thresholds"`

        Check describes a set of benchmarks to run a diff on and check against thresholds

        type CheckResult

        type CheckResult struct {
        	Status Status
        	Diffs      []DiffResult
        	Thresholds Thresholds

          CheckResult reports the output of a Check

          type Config

          type Config struct {
          	Checks []Check `yaml:"checks"`

            Config declares checks configurations

            func LoadConfig

            func LoadConfig(path string) (*Config, error)

              LoadConfig reads configuration from the given path

              type DiffResult

              type DiffResult struct {
              	Status Status
              	Package   string
              	Benchmark string
              	Value float64

                DiffResult is the result of a diff

                type EnvDiffFunc

                type EnvDiffFunc struct {
                	Check *Check
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  EnvDiffFunc describes variables provided to a DiffFunc

                  type EvaluateOptions

                  type EvaluateOptions struct {
                  	Debug       bool
                  	MustFindAll bool

                    EvaluateOptions declares options for checks evaluation

                    type Report

                    type Report struct {
                    	Status Status
                    	Base    string
                    	Current string
                    	Checks map[string]*CheckResult

                      Report reports the output of Evaluate

                      func Evaluate

                      func Evaluate(checks []Check, base bench.RunHistory, current bench.RunHistory, opts *EvaluateOptions) (*Report, error)

                        Evaluate checks against benchmark runs

                        func LoadReport

                        func LoadReport(path string) (*Report, error)

                          LoadReport loads checks results from the given path

                          type Status

                          type Status string

                            Status describes result of a check

                            const (
                            	// StatusPass is good!
                            	StatusPass Status = "pass"
                            	// StatusFail is bad
                            	StatusFail Status = "fail"
                            	// StatusNotFound means no measurements were found
                            	StatusNotFound Status = "not-found"

                            type Thresholds

                            type Thresholds struct {
                            	Min *float64 `yaml:"min,omitempty"`
                            	Max *float64 `yaml:"max,omitempty"`

                              Thresholds declares values from ChangeFunc to fail