Package urlfetch provides a way for an application to get http.RoundTripper that can make outbound HTTP requests. If used for https:// protocol, will always validate SSL certificates.



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    func Get

      Get pulls http.RoundTripper implementation from context or panics if it wasn't set. Use SetFactory(...) or Set(...) in unit tests to mock the round tripper.

      func Set

        Set sets the current http.RoundTripper object in the context. Useful for testing with a quick mock. This is just a shorthand SetFactory invocation to set a factory which always returns the same object.

        func SetFactory

        func SetFactory(c context.Context, f Factory) context.Context

          SetFactory sets the function to produce http.RoundTripper instances, as returned by the Get method.


          type Factory

          type Factory func(context.Context) http.RoundTripper

            Factory is the function signature for factory methods compatible with SetFactory.

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