Package merkletree operates on a merkle tree for remote execution API,




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    var (
    	// ErrAbsPath indicates name in Entry is absulute path.
    	ErrAbsPath = errors.New("merkletree: absolute path name")
    	// ErrAmbigFileSymlink indicates Entry has both `Data` and `Target` fields, cannot determine
    	// whether it is File or Symlink.
    	ErrAmbigFileSymlink = errors.New("merkletree: unable to determine file vs symlink")
    	// ErrBadPath indicates name in Entry contains bad path component
    	// e.g. "." or "..".
    	ErrBadPath = errors.New("merkletree: bad path component")


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    type Entry

    type Entry struct {
    	// Name is relative path from root dir.
    	// it might not be clean path.
    	// 'dir1/../dir2/file' will create
    	//  - 'dir1/'
    	//  - 'dir2/'
    	//  - 'dir2/file'
    	// error if name goes out to root.
    	Name string
    	// Data is entry's content. `nil` for directories and symlinks.
    	Data digest.Data
    	// IsExecutable is true if the file is executable.
    	// no need to set this for directory.
    	IsExecutable bool
    	// If the file is a symlink, then this should be set to the target of the symlink.
    	Target string

      Entry is an entry in the tree.

      type FilePath

      type FilePath interface {
      	IsAbs(path string) bool
      	Join(elem ...string) string
      	SplitElem(path string) []string

        FilePath provides filepath functionalities.

        type MerkleTree

        type MerkleTree struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          MerkleTree represents a merkle tree.

          func New

          func New(filepath FilePath, rootDir string, store *digest.Store) *MerkleTree

            New creates new merkle tree under rootDir with cas store.

            func (*MerkleTree) Build

            func (m *MerkleTree) Build(ctx context.Context) (*rpb.Digest, error)

              Build builds merkle tree and returns root's digest.

              func (*MerkleTree) RootDir

              func (m *MerkleTree) RootDir() string

                RootDir returns root dir of merkle tree.

                func (*MerkleTree) Set

                func (m *MerkleTree) Set(entry Entry) error

                  Set sets an entry. It may return ErrAbsPath/ErrAmbigFileSymlink/ErrBadPath as error.

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