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Path Synopsis
authctx Package authctx allows to run subprocesses in an environment with ambient auth.
client/authcli Package authcli implements authentication related flags parsing and CLI subcommands.
client/cmd/luci-auth Command luci-auth can be used to interact with OAuth2 token cache on disk.
client/cmd/realms-dump Command realms-dump can dump realm configs served by an Auth Service.
identity Package identity defines Identity type and related types and constants.
integration/authtest Package authtest implements authentication related test helpers.
integration/devshell Package devshell implements Devshell protocol for locally getting auth token.
integration/firebase Package firebase implements an auth server that allows firebase-tools to use an exposed OAuth2 TokenSource for auth.
integration/gcemeta Package gcemeta implements a subset of GCE metadata server protocol.
integration/gsutil Package gsutil implements a hacky shim that makes gsutil use LUCI local auth.
integration/internal/localsrv Package localsrv provides helpers for running local TCP servers.
integration/localauth Package localauth implements localhost HTTP server that hands out tokens to local LUCI-aware processes.
internal Package internal contains code used internally by auth/integration.