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var ContentHashRe = regexp.MustCompile(fmt.Sprintf(`^%s:%s$`, hashFunc, sha256Pattern))


func AddHashPrefix

func AddHashPrefix(hash string) string

    AddHashPrefix adds HashFunc to a given hash string.

    func MustParseName

    func MustParseName(name string) (invID invocations.ID, testID, resultID, artifactID string)

      MustParseName extracts invocation, test, result and artifactIDs. Test and result IDs are "" if this is a invocation-level artifact. Panics on failure.

      func ParentID

      func ParentID(testID, resultID string) string

        ParentID returns a value for Artifacts.ParentId Spanner column.

        func ParseParentID

        func ParseParentID(parentID string) (testID, resultID string, err error)

          ParseParentID parses parentID into testID and resultID. If the artifact's parent is invocation, then testID and resultID are "".

          func Read

          func Read(ctx context.Context, name string) (*pb.Artifact, error)

            Read reads an artifact from Spanner. If it does not exist, the returned error is annotated with NotFound GRPC code. Does not return artifact content or its location.

            func TrimHashPrefix

            func TrimHashPrefix(hash string) string

              TrimHashPrefix removes HashFunc from a given hash string.


              type Artifact

              type Artifact struct {
              	RBECASHash string

                Artifact contains pb.Artifact and its RBECAS hash.

                type Query

                type Query struct {
                	InvocationIDs       invocations.IDSet
                	ParentIDRegexp      string
                	FollowEdges         *pb.ArtifactPredicate_EdgeTypeSet
                	TestResultPredicate *pb.TestResultPredicate
                	ContentTypeRegexp   string
                	PageSize            int // must be positive
                	PageToken           string
                	WithRBECASHash      bool

                  Query specifies artifacts to fetch.

                  func (*Query) FetchProtos

                  func (q *Query) FetchProtos(ctx context.Context) (arts []*pb.Artifact, nextPageToken string, err error)

                    FetchProtos returns a page of artifact protos matching q.

                    Returned artifacts are ordered by level (invocation or test result). Test result artifacts are sorted by parent invocation ID, test ID and artifact ID.

                    func (*Query) Run

                    func (q *Query) Run(ctx context.Context, f func(*Artifact) error) error

                      Run calls f for artifacts matching the query.

                      Refer to Fetch() for the ordering of returned artifacts.