Package sortby provides a succinct way to generate correctly-behaved Less functions for use with the stdlib 'sort' package.



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    type Chain

    type Chain []LessFn

      Chain is a list of LessFns, each of which sorts a single aspect of your object. Nil LessFns will be ignored.

      func (Chain) Use

      func (c Chain) Use(i, j int) bool

        Use is a sort-compatible LessFn that actually executes the full chain of comparisons.

        type LessFn

        type LessFn func(i, j int) bool

          LessFn is the type of the function which compares element i with element j of a given slice. Unlike the stdlib sort interpretation of this function, a LessFn in sortby should only compare a single field in your datastructure's elements. Multiple LessFns can be composed with Chain to create a composite Less implementation to pass to sort.

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