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var (
	// ErrInvalidConfig is an error that is returned when the supplied
	// configuration is invalid.
	ErrInvalidConfig = errors.New("invalid configuration")

	// CoordinatorScopes is the set of OAuth2 scopes to use for the Coordinator
	// client.
	CoordinatorScopes = []string{


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type Service

type Service struct {
	// Name is the name of this service. It is used for logging, metrics, and
	// user agent string generation.
	// If empty, a service name will be inferred from the command-line arguments.
	Name string

	// DefaultAuthOptions provide default values for authentication related
	// options (most notably SecretsDir: a directory with token cache).
	DefaultAuthOptions commonAuth.Options

	// Flags is the set of flags that will be used by the Service.
	Flags flag.FlagSet

	// ServiceID is the cloud project ID specified via -service-id flag.
	// This is synonymous with the cloud "project ID" and the AppEngine "app ID".
	ServiceID string

	// ServiceConfig is services.cfg at the moment the process started.
	ServiceConfig *svcconfig.Config

	// Coordinator is the cached Coordinator client.
	Coordinator logdog.ServicesClient
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service is a base class full of common LogDog service application parameters.

func (*Service) GSClient

func (s *Service) GSClient(c context.Context, project string) (gs.Client, error)

GSClient returns an authenticated Google Storage client instance.

func (*Service) IntermediateStorage

func (s *Service) IntermediateStorage(c context.Context, rw bool) (storage.Storage, error)

IntermediateStorage instantiates the configured intermediate Storage instance.

If "rw" is true, Read/Write access will be requested. Otherwise, read-only access will be requested.

func (*Service) PubSubSubscriberClient

func (s *Service) PubSubSubscriberClient(c context.Context, projectID string) (*pubsub.Client, error)

PubSubSubscriberClient returns a Pub/Sub client instance that is authenticated with Pub/Sub subscriber scopes.

func (*Service) Run

func (s *Service) Run(c context.Context, f func(context.Context) error)

Run performs service-wide initialization and invokes the specified run function.

func (*Service) SetShutdownFunc

func (s *Service) SetShutdownFunc(f func())

SetShutdownFunc sets the service shutdown function.

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