Package artifactcontent can serve artifact content via plain HTTP securely.



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    func RBEConn

    func RBEConn(ctx context.Context) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

      RBEConn creates a gRPC connection to RBE authenticated as self.

      func RegisterRBEInstanceFlag

      func RegisterRBEInstanceFlag(fs *flag.FlagSet, target *string)

        RegisterRBEInstanceFlag registers -artifact-rbe-instance flag.


        type HostnameProvider

        type HostnameProvider func(requestHost string) string

          HostnameProvider returns a hostname to use in generated signed URLs.

          As input it accepts `host` metadata value of the GetArtifacts etc. requests. It may be an empty string. HostnameProvider must return some host name in this case too.

          type MetricsWriter

          type MetricsWriter struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            MetricsWriter can be used to record artifact transfer metrics, by creating one out of the router context before the transfer, and calling its .Download or .Upload methods afterwards.

            func NewMetricsWriter

            func NewMetricsWriter(c *router.Context) *MetricsWriter

              NewMetricsWriter creates a MetricsWriter to be used after the transfer is complete to time the operation and write the metrics. It also replaces the given context's writer with a wrapped writer that keeps track of the response status.

              func (*MetricsWriter) Download

              func (mw *MetricsWriter) Download(ctx context.Context, size int64)

                Download writes download metrics.

                func (*MetricsWriter) Upload

                func (mw *MetricsWriter) Upload(ctx context.Context, size int64)

                  Upload writes upload metrics.

                  type Reader

                  type Reader struct {
                  	// RBEInstance is the name of the RBE instance where the artifact is stored.
                  	// Example: "projects/luci-resultdb/instances/artifacts".
                  	RBEInstance string
                  	// Hash is the hash of the artifact content stored in RBE-CAS.
                  	Hash string
                  	// Size is the content size in bytes.
                  	Size int64

                    Reader reads the artifact content from RBE-CAS.

                    func (*Reader) DownloadRBECASContent

                    func (r *Reader) DownloadRBECASContent(ctx context.Context, bs bytestream.ByteStreamClient, f func(io.Reader) error) error

                      DownloadRBECASContent calls f for the downloaded artifact content.

                      type Server

                      type Server struct {
                      	// Use http:// (not https://) for generated URLs.
                      	InsecureURLs bool
                      	// Returns a hostname to use in generated signed URLs.
                      	HostnameProvider HostnameProvider
                      	// Reads a blob from RBE-CAS.
                      	ReadCASBlob func(ctx context.Context, req *bytestream.ReadRequest) (bytestream.ByteStream_ReadClient, error)
                      	// Full name of the RBE-CAS instance used to store artifacts,
                      	// e.g. "projects/luci-resultdb/instances/artifacts".
                      	RBECASInstanceName string
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        Server can serve artifact content, and generate signed URLs to the content.

                        func (*Server) GenerateSignedURL

                        func (s *Server) GenerateSignedURL(ctx context.Context, requestHost, artifactName string) (url string, expiration time.Time, err error)

                          GenerateSignedURL generates a signed HTTPS URL back to this server. The returned token works only with the same artifact name.

                          func (*Server) Init

                          func (s *Server) Init(ctx context.Context) error

                            Init initializes the server. It must be called before calling other methods.

                            func (*Server) InstallHandlers

                            func (s *Server) InstallHandlers(r *router.Router)

                              InstallHandlers installs handlers to serve artifact content.

                              May be called multiple times to install the handler into multiple virtual hosts.


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