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func New

func New(settings ServerSettings) logdog.ServicesServer

    New creates a new authenticating ServicesServer instance.

    Panics if `settings` is invalid.

    func RawArchiveQueueName

    func RawArchiveQueueName(queueNumber int32) string

      RawArchiveQueueName returns the raw name for the queueNumber'th queue used for ArchiveTasks.


      type ServerSettings

      type ServerSettings struct {
      	// NumQueues is the number of queues to use for Archival tasks.
      	// Note that cloud task queues have a maximum throughput of 1000 qps on
      	// average. Each log STREAM in LogDog will require processing AT LEAST two
      	// tasks. It is recommended that you monitor the queue throughput of the
      	// logdog deployment and increase this value when getting close to the qps
      	// limit.
      	// NOTE:
      	//   * Decreasing this value will cause some tasks to be un-issued.
      	//     DO NOT DO THIS without coding some other workaround (for example, in
      	//     LeaseArchiveTasks, inspect ALL available queues and issue randomly from
      	//     all of them; Could be done by maintaining a `maxNumQueues` alongside
      	//     `numQueues` where `maxNumQueues` is kept high while draining the higher
      	//     queues).
      	//   * Increasing this value is OK. Leased tasks embed their queue number into
      	//     their TaskName field, which is round-tripped through the Archivist.
      	//     When the DeleteArchiveTasks RPC is invoked, each task will be removed
      	//     from the queue number embedded in TaskName.
      	// Reqired. Must be >0.
      	NumQueues int

        ServerSettings are settings for the LogDog RPC service.