Package cli implements CLI client for buildbucket service.



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    func Main

    func Main(p Params, args []string) int

      Main is the main function of the bb application.

      func PropertiesFlag

      func PropertiesFlag(props *structpb.Struct) flag.Getter

        PropertiesFlag returns a flag.Getter that can read property values into props.

        If a flag value starts with @, properties are read from the JSON file at the path that follows @. Example:

        -p @my_properties.json

        This form can be used only in the first flag value.

        Otherwise, a flag value must have name=value form. If the property value is valid JSON, then it is parsed as JSON; otherwise treated as a string. Example:

        -p foo=1 -p 'bar={"a": 2}'

        Different property names can be specified multiple times.

        Panics if props is nil. String() of the return value panics if marshaling of props to JSON fails.

        func StatusFlag

        func StatusFlag(status *pb.Status) flag.Getter

          StatusFlag returns a flag.Getter which reads a flag value into status. Valid flag values: scheduled, started, ended, success, failure, infra_failure, canceled. Panics if status is nil.


          type Params

          type Params struct {
          	DefaultBuildbucketHost string
          	Auth                   auth.Options

            Params is the parameters for the bb application.